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Education is a lifelong process which should have a strong foundation. The aim of school is to inculcate in students a passion for learning and thirst to excel at every level. School ams to equip the students with the Intellectual and practical skill which are necessary to meet the challenges in future.

The object of education is to provide knowledge as well as wisdom and people should not feel satisfied unless they have got knowledge as well as wisdom.

Education is not merely to provide answers but to equip the pupil with the means to find answer for himself and within himself. It enables students to discover themselves who they are as people why they are on this earth and what they are for. We know that each students has the potertial to become a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, an administrator etc. but who support them to channelize resoures vis -  vis their dreams thus, generate a civilized and productive human capital for serving our motherland and the world. Education must enable an individual to discover his natural and genuine self by freeing himself from all artificiality. It should touch the soul and should have practical bias and outlook.

Education helps the common mass of people to equip themselves for the struggle for life and brings out strength of character, a spirit of philanthropy and the courage of lion.







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